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UGA Adapter(Linux Supported)


About DisplayLink and DisplayLink USB Graphics Technology

 DisplayLink is a chip and software company that develops a technology to connect monitors to PCs through a USB 2.0 cable. DisplayLink USB graphics works by creating a “virtual graphics card” in software on the PC, compressing the data using a proprietary protocol, and sending the compressed data to a DisplayLink chip on the far end of a USB 2.0 connection. DisplayLink technology is available in USB to DVI adapters, USB monitors, USB “Universal” docking stations, and USB projectors.

Additional information about DisplayLink can be found on the DisplayLink Wikipedia page or the official DisplayLink website. To contact the DisplayLink Linux team directly, please send an email to linux{at}


Download libdlo


To get a high level view of what libdlo provides, please see the PDF guide


Using libdlo


  • Install a compatible libusb version (0.13)
    • on ubuntu - "sudo apt-get install libusb-dev"
  • Plug in a DisplayLink USB device

To start the build process, open a shell prompt and run

  • $ ./configure && sudo make install && make check

"Make check" will do some basic drawing on one of the attached DisplayLink devices.

Please see the README in the distribution for more details.


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