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UGA (Windows 7 Driver Preview)


Where can I get preview DisplayLink drivers for Windows 7?

Please download the driver package below. Note that these are preview drivers running on a pre-release operating system. Problems are to be expected, but we want to hear about them. Please click the "Feedback" tab on the side of the page, or email

What existing DisplayLink hardware will be supported on Windows 7?

All existing DisplayLink USB 2.0 connected devices are expected to be supported. DisplayLink will provide a universal driver that will work for all existing vendors and products.

What existing DisplayLink drivers will work on Windows 7?


  • DisplayLink drivers 4.2 and earlier are XPDM drivers that may function on Windows 7, but with limited functionality, and are not supported. Microsoft is phasing out support for XPDM.
  • DisplayLink drivers version 4.3 to 4.5 are not supported on Windows 7, and may crash the system. Do not install these older driver versions, and do not upgrade a system from Vista to Windows 7 with one of these driver versions installed.
  • DisplayLink drivers from version 4.6 and up are aware of Windows 7, and will refuse to install or function. Instead, updated versions of the preview Windows 7 driver available here should be used until production drivers are available.
  • Production Windows 7 support will appear in future (5.x or later) versions of DisplayLink software.

 Download  Windows 7 Drivers Preview

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